8.9.2012, PRKL Club, Helsinki
w/ The Fathomless Deep & Kiln

22.08.2009 S-osis (Turku)
w/ Consciousness Removal Project & Dasputnik

18.12.2009 Darkside Club (Helsinki)
w/ Sirius Error!

19.12.2009 S-osis (Turku)
w/ Temples & Demonic Death Judge

13.03.2010 TVO (Turku)
w/ Oddland, Consciousness Removal Project & Crib45

08.04.2010 Vastavirta (Tampere)
w/ Consciousness Removal Project & Locomotora

29.06.2010 Club Liberté (Helsinki)
w/ Crib45 & Radar

07.08.2010 Torvi (Lahti)
w/ Frankie and Gator & Tauon

02.10.2010 Baarikaappi (Pori)
w/ Damnesty

12.11.2010 S-osis (Turku)
w/ Pressure Points, Autere & In Mourning (Swe)

8.4.2011 Bar Hovi, (Rauma)
w/ Damnesty, Oddland, Scapes, Apples of idun, Äkä & Wrathrone

7.5.2011 S-Osis (Turku)
w/ Oranssi Pazuzu, The Fërtility Cült & Suunta

08.10.2011, Ilokivi (Jyväskylä)
w/ Kurouma

4.2.2012, S-Osis, Turku
w/ Oddland & While I'm Alive


Juuso Jalava
Tel.: +358-40-5860750
jalava.juuso @



14.1.2012 The Wait is done
Second album titled The Wait is finally done. The record release party is scheduled for 4th of February. Get a glimpse of what's to come from here:

23.8.2011 Second album on its way
The recordings are almost done. We've been working fairly intensively with Antti Loponen from CRP during the summer and we are currently missing only some piano tracks and a few vocal corretions, then all should be done and mr. Loponen can get on with the mixing. Release is still due by the end of this year and a date for the release party is set beginning of next year.

4.4.2011 A slight mistake by the webmaster
The updating process of Heidi Kyrö's netsite and Nauticus netsite ended up messing up the whole Nauticus-site. Nice. And sorry about that. The second album is on the way. Preproductions for all songs are done and the date is set for the drum recordings. Everything should get done by the end of 2011. Fingers crossed. It's gonna be good.

11.8.2009 - Tilaa 'Nauticus - A Wave to Carry Us Out' - CD
A Wave to Carry Us Out nimeä totteleva kolmen vartin eepos on nyt julkaistu.

Levyn saa omaan hyllyynsä seuraavin metodein;

* yhteydenotto, josta annetaan tarkka ohjeistus (5 ¬ tilille ja paketti matkaan - meiningillä)

* noudot Turusta (040 5860 750/Juuso)

* keikat

* lisäksi levyä myyvät
- Levykauppa X

- Kane Records (Turku, Forum)

- Lamina (Turku, Forum)

11.8.2009 - Order 'Nauticus - A Wave to Carry Us Out' - CD

A Wave to Carry Us Out - cd is released.

You can order yourself one from Record shop X, Finland.

5.8.2009 - Webpages up and running
These are here now. The demo will be in our hands in a couple of weeks and in your hands at the release party.


Vocals - J. Rämö

Guitar - J. Portaanoja

Guitar - M. Kastell

Drums - T. Rajala

Bass - J. Jalava


The Wait

1. Constructing the Liquid Plains
2. Ascend
3. A Delayed End
4. The Route
5. Their Whereabouts
6. Bone Dams
7. As Barriers Fall
8. Kalmisto

A Wave to Carry Us Out

Part I: Vast Seas
1. Still Silent
2. Nothing Floats
3. All We See
4. Beyond the Screams
Part II: Below the Placid
5. Forbidden borders of the Known World
6. ...As if He'd Ever Seen

Download Part I: Vast Seas


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